The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.

Aristotle Onassis

  • Christina S. Kiplings

    Christina S. Kiplings
    Writter Prestige Agency

    I'm an optimist in the sense that I believe humans are noble and honorable, and some of them are really smart. I have a very optimistic view of individuals.

  • Richard Stevenson

    Richard Stevenson
    Co-Founder Prestige

    I'm an optimist in the sense that I believe humans are noble and honorable, and some of them are really smart. I have a very optimistic view of individuals.

What we do

We work with two types of businesses.
Firstly, we work with businesses that have plateaued, or are at-risk. This can means that they have financial, commercial or personal difficulties that are affecting their performance. These can be cashflow problems, contract losses, loss of key staff, slow declines, personal injury, system inefficiencies, divorce, health issues, legal challenges and a range of other issues.
Second, we work with businesses who are in a growth phase, or who have plans for growth. In these cases we work with our clients on system implementation, funding, recruitment, commercialisation, IP protection, contract negotiation and a range of other issues that come with the territory when scaling up.
In both streams we utilise our own expertise in strategic and financial management, as well as the experience of our network of professional partners in HR, IT, legal, recruitment, agribusiness, markets and a range of other niche areas where specialist advice is required.
No matter what the issue, we form a collaborative team with your accountant and bank, working on short-term projects to achieve specific results.


We work with our clients on market and competitor analysis, and business planning to help them decide on a clear direction. We then help them to make their plan happen through a combination of project management and resourcing. See more about the PMW Galloway Strategy Program here.

Operations Management

Businesses typically operate two areas of value creation - their core business and the shared services that support that core business, things like HR, HSE, legal, alliances, partnerships and marketing. We help our clients ensure that these are operating at their peak efficiency.

Financial Management

Many clients find that this is the thing they are least good at, and also the thing that their accountant is too time-poor to give them much input on. We give our clients daily and weekly advice and assistance on cashflow, debtor management, capital management and inventory.

Market Opportunities

All businesses are looking for growth, but many struggle to find new horizons and leverage opportunities. We use our extensive network of contacts to find new domestic and international markets for our clients' products and services.

Finance + funding

As businesses grow, they need money for new equipment, product development, short term cashflow dips, property development and lots of other things. We help our clients source the most effective funding for their needs and also help them negotiate with existing financiers.

Cloud Systems

One of the greatest unclaimed areas of efficiency in businesses is in cloud-based management systems. Most businesses remain stuck in the comfort zone of old, outdated systems, which cost them money through lost productivity. We help clients make the move to more efficient ways of doing business.

About Our Company

PMW Galloway began in 2012 in Orange NSW to help at-risk businesses solve financial, commercial and personal problems that are affecting their performance.

Since that time, we have expanded our team and worked with some of the best businesses in NSW on financial management, strategy, major projects and domestic and overseas growth.
The journey has been fun, enlightening and humbling in equal parts. But what keeps driving us forward is the optimism, energy and inspiration of our clients.

They work hard, they provide jobs for the community, they come up with amazing ideas and have the courage to make them happen.


It's a pleasure to be involved with people who make the community a better and more prosperous place. We hope we're those sort of people too.
If you have a business problem that you want to sort out, we'd love to hear from you.

- Andrew and Michael


Clients Testimonials

Galloway have helped us enormously with business efficiency and financial management. We have made changes to our business we would never have been able to make on our own.

When we started with Galloway, we had a very narrow view of our business and what it could achieve. They opened our eyes to a whole range of possibilities and markets, and our revenue and our profit have grown as a result.

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Choose the package that suit your needs

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  • Financial management review
  • Fortnightly management meetings
  • Cashflow forecasting and management strategies
  • Customised financial dashboard
  • Bank and accountant liaison


  • Business strategy review
  • Key focus areas identified
  • 90 days planning
  • Fortnightly strategy and performance meetings
  • Business performance dashboard


  • All of CEO and CFO, plus....
  • Capital raising
  • Major project execution
  • Access to communication and project software
  • Full access to Galloway partner and alliance network

Our latest good ideas and big concepts

This is where we share our thinking, ideas and advice on financial, commercial and personal issues that could place your business "at-risk". Leave your email and stay ahead of the disasters and pitfalls.


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Our office is located at 65 Hill Street, Orange, NSW, 2800. Australia
Talk to us on: +61 2 6362 1966
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65 Hill Street, Orange, NSW, 2800
+61 2 6362 1966
Andrew Logan +61 403 221 419
Michael Thornhill +61 418 418 905