Australia Ranks no.1 on Chinese Investment

Fantastic news for regional operations looking for investment, that according to a February survey, Chinese business leaders have ranked Australia as the most attractive place to do business out of a group of large economies.

A few key points:

– A survey conducted by the Zogby Research for the University of Technology Sydney’s Australia China Relations Institute revealed 93 percent of Chinese business leaders had a generally favourable impression of Australia, while 56 percent said they had a very favourable impression.

– When asked about the importance of economic partners to China, respondents sounded Australia was important at 76 percent, higher by three notches over Hong Kong which is already a part of China and regarded a major gateway for business in and out of China.

– About 74 percent labelled Australia as an attractive investment destination, a far cry to the measly 8 percent who regard Australia as an unattractive market to invest. A total of 1010 leaders were surveyed. Three out of five said Australia was an attractive place to invest more than anywhere else in the world.

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