High-performance family business

Something we see all the time is family businesses that are dysfunctional and struggling. There are several reasons for this, but they pretty much all boil down to a few key problems: 1. The business has been historically run by family, so there is no

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Is my business “at-risk” and how would I know?

  Our whole focus at Galloway is about working with businesses that are “at-risk” and getting them onto a solid footing again. So we see this every day of the week, and over time we have developed a real intuition about what “at-risk” looks and feels like.

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Death by Christmas

It is often said in Australia that people start to wind down to Christmas on the first Tuesday of November….Melbourne Cup Day. Whether there’s any truth to this or not, the fact is that many industries use the approaching Christmas period as an excuse to

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Australia Ranks no.1 on Chinese Investment

Fantastic news for regional operations looking for investment, that according to a February survey, Chinese business leaders have ranked Australia as the most attractive place to do business out of a group of large economies. A few key points: – A survey conducted by the Zogby Research

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The delicatessen of Asia…

Although we have clients across Australia and Asia, we are based in Orange, NSW, one of Australia’s most prominent gourmet food destinations. The attached clip gives a wonderful sense of Orange, the region and the magnificent food and wine that comes from here.

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