Strategy is generally thought of as something that big companies do. Surprisingly, it is an even more powerful tool in the hands of small and medium business owners, because they can drive change easily in a small company with a nimble team. Even better, few, if any of their competitors bother about it, so there is a huge competitive advantage just waiting to be enjoyed.

The PMW Galloway Strategy Program is for business owners who want to stop constantly putting out fires and being reactive. It is especially for owners and managers who want to reignite their enthusiasm for their company, and who want their business to stand out and to really matter.

Our Strategy Program will show you how to steer your company, and give you a compass for where you want to go. It will make you a better communicator, giving you the tools to articulate what you are doing and why. Your clients, employees and partners will understand you better. Your staff will no longer be guessing about how their work fits into the whole, and what is expected of them.

It will also equip you to make better decisions by giving you clarity around your business’ purpose and priorities. You’ll make faster decisions and make them easily.

The PMW Galloway Strategy Program will equip you with a completed strategy that you can take into your business and begin to implement immediately. If you have ever tried business planning and hated it…or if you have ever thought you’d really like your business to not only make money, but actually make a difference too…then talk to Andrew Logan who is the Strategy Partner at PMW Galloway. He can take you through the ways that a clear business strategy can work for you.

Contact Andrew.

Young entrepreneurs having a creative business meeting in a cafe

Young entrepreneurs having a creative business meeting in a cafe